30nov2021 – Verbraucherzentrale Südtirol

Internet: Funk vs Kabel

03nov2021 – Health Effects of Cellphone & Cell Tower Radiation: Implications for 5G Center for Family and Community Health, UC Berkeley – Joel M. Moskowitz, PhD – Webinar

19oct2021 – The Health Impacts of Wireless Radiation to Children: Cyprus Pediatric Symposium Devra Davis PhD

27may2021 – Dr Russ White on Health Effects of 5G

Russel Witte, PhD, professor engineering and medicine, has authored over 200 research papers in biology, engineering, and medicine. He has 12 patents and over 20 years of experience in ultrasound, microwave, and optical imaging technology for medical and defense research. He speaks here about the health effects of 5G.

04may2021 – Timothy Schoechle, PhD, An International expert in computer and communications engineering, technology, and policy, author of Reinventing Wires and Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid etc. Dr. Schoechle is a key voice calling for

  1. Fiber to the premises (FTTH) as a universal basic service.
  2. The fiber and ISP should be governed by the community.
  3. It should be understood that wireless (e.g., 4G, 5G…) is not a substitute for fiber: remember “If it’s not fiber, it’s not broadband” (Fiber Broadband Association).

Apr2021 – Frank Clegg challenges a Roger’s president Dean Prevost to show evidence that the radiation emitted by wireless 5G is safe because many peer reviewed scientific studies show the contrary. – source Canadians For Safe Technology

21apr2021 – Aktion Ärztearbeitskreis Digitale Medien

Stuttgart 21.04.2021. Eine Delegation des ‚Ärzte-Arbeitskreises digitale Medien‘ zog mit einem großen Banner und Schildern vor das Sozialministerium von Baden-Württemberg und übergab dort einen offenen Brief zum Thema Mobilfunk und Gesundheit an Minister Manne Lucha (Grüne).

Diagnose-funk – Ärzte fordern Schutz der Kinder und elektrosensibler Menschen

Interview mit dem Arzt Dr. Wolf Bergmann über 5G

21apr2021 – Forschung im Spannungsfeld von Industrie, Politik und Rechtsprechung Prof. Dr. med. Franz Adlkofer im Interview mit Klaus Scheidsteger – Kompetenzinitiative e.V.

16apr2021 – Dr. Paul Heroux, a world-renowned scientist, and Professor of Toxicology and Health Effects of Electromagnetism at McGill University in Canada, addresses the adverse impacts of wireless technology in Illinois and highlights the general issues associated with 5G wireless technology, including the risks to privacy, excessive energy consumption, high operating costs, high carbon footprint and health impacts.

Stop5G Together Illinois

28-31jan2021 – Sharon Goldberg MD – Medical lecture given at EMFMC2021, an international medical conference on EMF Associated Illness.

An overview of the effects of wireless radiation on antibacterial resistance and the human microbiome.

28-31Jan2021 – Dr Magda Havas – Prepare for EMF Medical Conference 2021Speaker List

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