18dec2022 – Neurosurgeon on Cell Phones, Wireless, Cancer and Health Effects, Dr. Hillell Baldwin

Dr. Baldwin recently retired from clinical practice in neurosurgery in Tucson, AZ at the Carondelet Neurological Institute with an emphasis on complex and minimally invasive spine procedures in addition to Skull base, pituitary and brain tumor surgery.

During his career, Dr. Baldwin has served as Chief of Neurosurgery at Tucson Medical Center, Northwest Medical Center and El Dorado Hospital in Tucson. Baldwin also served as president of the Arizona Neurosurgical Society.

His interests in the health effects of radiofrequency and electromagnetic fields began about 4 years ago when his wife Jennifer was diagnosed with Electro- hypersensitivity.

He now serves on the board of the Environmental Health Trust. Some research studies referenced

13dec2022 – Wireless Environmental Impacts To Biodiversity

Scientific evidence indicates that the wireless emissions from modern technology can impact biodiversity. Ask your COP15 • The Convention on Biological Diversity delegates to include wireless radio- and low frequency electromagnetic radiation in Target 7, along with noise and light, harmful substances including pesticides, electronic waste and plastic pollution. Learn more at Wireless Enviro Impacts

The music is from Bensound and the video footage is from Pixabay.

12dec2022 – Mitschnitt des Vortrags von Bernd Imfrid Budzinski, Richter am Verwaltungsgericht Freiburg a.D., über die rechtlichen Möglichkeiten, die Gemeinden haben, um im Bereich Mobilfunkstrahlung Vorsorgepolitik zu betreiben. Diesen Vortrag hielt Bernd Budzinski am 12.12.2022 in Heidenheim.

00:00 Titel
00:08 Risiko
02:40 Haftung
08:20 Vorsorge in Frankreich
12:20 Tierversuche
20:44 Sendeenergien
28:06 Vorsorgemaßnahmen
29:55 Abhilfe durch die Gemeinden
33:40 Gebiete ohne Indoor-Versorgung?
35:55 Klimaschädlichkeit der Indoor-Versorgung
40:38 Besonderheiten von 5G
53:50 Schluss

diagnose:funk – Bernd I. Budzinski & Wilfried Kühling: Die Rechte der Kommunen beim Ausbau der Mobilfunkinfrastruktur

03dec2022 – Électrosensibilité: une véritable pandémie – Esprits Français – NTD – Dominique Belpomme, cancérologue est l’invité de Ying Huang :

Il y a actuellement une pandémie électrohypersensible. En France par exemple on est à peu près à 5% d’électrosensibles en France et ce pourcentage ne fait que croître ce qui représente plusieurs millions d’individus qui sont intolérants à des basses intensités de champs électromagnétiques. Et c’est la même chose au niveau du monde c’est des centaines de millions d’électrohypersensibles dans le monde.

28oct2022 – Cell Phones & Brain Cancer: Risks and Reality

On this edition of Green Street News, Patti and Doug discuss some scientific studies being promoted by the cell phone industry and why they’re being discounted by independent scientists, and then we hear the story of Ellie Marks, whose husband Alan developed a brain tumor after years of using a cell phone.

hear the story of Ellie Marks, whose husband Alan developed a brain tumor after years of using a cell phone.

25oct2022 – 5G: An Undeniable Risk

Learn the cost our community will pay if we fail to limit 5G-radiating antennas installed near homes. Learn also about the future of telecommunications, superior in every way to the current irresponsible 5G rollout.

Speakers and presentation slides from

Americans for Responsible Technology

19oct2022 – ICBE-EMF – Flawed Assumptions presented by Dr Magda Havas

A short video (15min) on the publication from the International Commission on the Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (ICBE-EMF) that critiqued 14 flawed assumptions by FCC/ICNIRP on Radiofrequency Radiation limits.

17oct2022 – The Unwelcome Cell Tower Pittsfield MA

On this episode of Green Street News, Patti and Doug discuss Boston’s ban on synthetic turf, what’s in your bottle of water, and the story of Courtney Gilardi and the unwelcome cell tower in her residential neighborhood in Pittsfield MA. Interview starts at 5.50min

Green Street News - The Unwelcome Cell Tower Pittsfield MA USA

16sep2022 – Headache in the Car ?

Kopfschmerzen im Auto – Headache in the Car ?

This experiment demonstrates brain effects from Wifi, Bluetooth, smart devices and other electronic features in modern vehicles.

Tests were made “together with scientists from the University Mainz”

(English Subtitles)

Aug 2022 – Doctors and Scientists on Cell Phone and Wireless Radiation Health Effects: Expert Symposium 2022

  • Dr. Hugh Taylor MD, Chair of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, Yale School of Medicine and Yale-New Haven Hospital, president of American Society of Reproductive Medicine
  • Dr. Hillel Baldwin MD, Neurosurgeon
  • Devra L. Davis, PhD, MPH, President Environmental Health Trust
  • Theodora Scarato, MSW, Executive Director of Environmental Health Trust

05july2022-Fiber First LA County Promo Video

Why should underserved communities in Los Angeles (or any where else for that matter) settle for wireless broadband when everyone deserves fiberoptic?

A video from the non-profit community group Fiber First Los Angeles County. Learn more at www.FiberFirstLA.org.

01July2022 – FTTH Council Europe – Accelerate fiber broadband monetization

In this webinar, organised by our Member Nokia, expert speakers discuss about best practices for how to offer, promote, drive adoption and, ultimately, accelerate monetization of fiber broadband.


29june2022- “Few people still know that the manufacturers of our beloved smartphones have knowingly overexposed us to the radiation from our phones, by establishing international standards and regulations tailored to their interests, or even due to their internal competition, by rigging the software, as in Dieselgate. This scandal has a name: PHONEGATE.” Luxembourg conference

27june2022 – Reducing Your Risk Of Wireless Radiation Exposure

A non technical discussion with Cecelia Doucette, Director of Massachusetts for Safe Technology. Cecelia Doucette also highlights many practical ways of protecting oneself from exposure to wireless radiation.

22june2022 – France : Soutien aux électro-hypersensibles à Entrepierres – Michèle Rivasi

Apr2022 – EMR Australia – Why our radiation standard Does Not give us adequate protection against 5G radiation?

Vic Leach was a founding member of the Australasian Radiation Protection Society (ARPS) and the Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association (ORSAA).

05mar2022 – L’Eurodéputée Michèle Rivasi, en Soutien aux Collectifs pour une Corse Sans 5G!

16feb2022 – Baumschäden durch Mobilfunkstrahlung

Ab 2005 fielen einseitig beginnende Baumschäden im Umkreis von Mobilfunksendeanlagen auf. Laborexperimente zeigten Auswirkungen hochfrequenter elektromagnetischer Felder auf den Pflanzenstoffwechsel.

Die erste Studie über Bäume im Freiland fand im Jahr 2016 einen Zusammenhang zwischen einseitigen Kronenschäden und Mobilfunkstrahlung. Die Studienautorin stellt ihre Erkenntnisse, Laborexperimente und konkrete Baumbeispiele vor.

Referentin: Dr. med. Cornelia Waldmann-Selsam, Ärztin

diagnose:funk Webinar

25jan2022 – “Is 5G The Enemy.” 5G & wireless expert and attorney, Dafna Tachover Esq., breaks down why 5G technology could have a catastrophic impact on important landing equipment for airplanes, and its proven side effects on the human body.

GreenStreetRadio – At Green Street, our mission is to provide you with science-based information and practical solutions you can use to protect yourself and your family from many common environmental exposures, and to protect and preserve our natural resources for the next generation. – Listen to the Wireless&EMF section

Reflections Adaptive antennas are intentionally placed so low that the maximum of necessary reflections occurs.

Conventional antennas are usually installed far above the user so that the radiation spreads out over the buildings. They are located on masts, several meters above the roof surface. This appearance has been the rule until now. Adaptive antennas change this long-standing practice. Why? – Source translatedStop5G Wettswil – Reflexionen

31jan2022 – Ericsson’s 5G Digital Twin Simulated in NVIDIA Omniverse

Deploying a highly performant 5G network is extremely complex. Modelling and interpreting how 5G radio waves will propagate across a real dynamic world environment with hundreds of transmitters and thousands of receivers affected by an infinite number of physical factors requires massive, accurate 3D simulations. Ericsson is developing a new approach to traditional #5G deployment, building a city-scale, physically accurate digital twin in @NVIDIAOmniverse.

P/s After watching the above video, one must imagine what the total real life reflections would look like, after adding additional traffic, personal phones, not to mention all the other IOT devices……

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