01may2023 – Stop5G: NON à la motion 20.3237

NON à l’assouplissement excessif des valeurs limites de rayonnement non ionisant en Suisse

La motion 20.3237 (PLR) sera traitée par la commission CTT-CE le 23 mai 2023 et vise d’assouplir les valeurs limites en Suisse.

Le collectif d’associations info-EMF s’engage pour la protection de la population contre les rayonnements électromagnétiques non-ionisants (RNI). Pour nous suivre: info-emf.ch

NEIN zur übertriebenen Lockerung der Strahlungsgrenzwerte in der Schweiz.

Die Motion 20.3237 (FDP) wird am 23. Mai 2023 in der
Kommission KVF-SR behandelt und zielt darauf ab, die Grenzwerte in der Schweiz zu lockern.

Der Verband info-EMF setzt sich ein für den Schutz der Bevölkerung vor elektromagnetischer nichtionisierender Strahlung. Folgen Sie uns: info-emf.ch/

01may2023 – Green Street News

The Study That Should Have Stopped Wireless Dr.Ron Melnick

After a discussion of the week’s environmental headlines, Patti and Doug speak with Dr. Ron Melnick, (20:45) designer of the world’s most elaborate and expensive study designed to determine if non-ionizing radiation from cell phones and other wireless devices could cause cancer. Spoiler Alert: it can, and it does.


19apr2023 – Présentation du Dr Magali Koelman à l’atelier “EHS : l’état de la Science”

Le Dr Magali Koelman (MD, EHS Reseau Santé, BE) était l’invitée de la troisième table ronde (“Que peuvent faire les politiques de santé publique?”) de mon workshop intitulé “Hypersensibilité électromagnétique : l’état de la Science”, organisé au Parlement européen le 13 avril 2023.

10apr2023 – Green Street News

The Cell Phone Disconnect with Dr.Paul Héroux

On this edition of GSN, Doug and Patti discuss PFAS chemicals, increases in cancer linked to cell phones in pockets (06:40), and hospitals contributing to global warming. Then we speak with Dr. Paul Héroux (12:10) about why cell phones are hazardous and his new study showing how phones could be made much safer.

ICBE-EMF – International Commission on the Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

Green Street News - The Cell Phone Disconnect with Dr.Paul Héroux

04apr2023 – Podcast interview with Theodora Scarato, Executive Director of the Environmental Health Trust.

The EHT recently won a lawsuit against the FCC for not updating their wireless safety regulations according to current research. (The last time it was updated was 1996!)

Practical Nontoxic Living (PNL) Sophia Rian Gushée interview on EHT’s work to protect our families from the known and unknown effects of wireless exposure, and compare the U.S. standards of technology use to that of other countries. Did you know that in France, cell phones come with a warning not to use against the pregnant or adolescent abdomen??

Podcast with Theodora Scarato - How Safe are cell phones 5G and wireless for my body?

28mar2023 PhoneGate – Dr. Marc Arazi and Sharon Noble, Canadian board member, present the PhoneGate health and industry scandal in Canada which received a lot of attention from the participants in this videoconference.

Thanks to the Canadian for Safe Technology (C4ST) for the invitation!.

Presentation slides can be viewed here

27mar2023 – Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition – An Update on Wireless Radiation and Cancer Risk A Case for Prevention – 2023 with Devra Davis from Environmental Health Trust

22mar2023 – The Rights of Citizens in the Deployment of Wireless Technology – Americans for Responsible Technology in association with the BroadBand International Legal Action Network.

View this six part webinar with the following speakers.

  • Doug Wood – Americans for Responsible Technology
  • Brenda MartinezFiber First LA
  • Scott McCollough – Attorney, who has focused on public law and regulation relating to telecommunications,…
  • Andrew Campanelli – is a litigation and Telecommunications Act attorney who handles local, state and federal telecommunications cases…
  • Odette Wilkens – Attorney and is President & General Counsel of Wired Broadband, Inc
  • Julian Gresser – is an international attorney, professional negotiator, inventor, and author of several books,

10feb2023 – Green Street Radio interviews experienced NY Activist, Michele Hertz, on Smart Meter Harms

Green Street News, hosts Doug and Patti Wood welcomed Michele Hertz to talk about “Not So Smart Meters” Michelle tells how they caused her to become severely ill, and what she has done as a result. Her riveting story is similar to so many heard over the years. Starting at Minute 13:20

Green Street Radio - Not So Smart Meters with Michele Hertz

07feb2023 – Europeans for Safe Connections (ESC), visited the European Parliament.

Europeans for Safe Connections (ESC) is a coalition of national and international organisations that are aware of adverse consequences of the modern communication technologies. ESC members develop proposals to arrive at safer applications of wireless telecommunication technologies and limiting radio frequency and microwave exposure as low as it is possible for the sake of individuals, the society, flora and fauna.

Short summary of the workshop hosted by MEP Michele Rivasi

GreenStreetRadio – At Green Street, our mission is to provide you with science-based information and practical solutions you can use to protect yourself and your family from many common environmental exposures, and to protect and preserve our natural resources for the next generation. – Listen to the Wireless&EMF section

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