Nationale Mobilfunk Volksinitiativen
– Tiefere Strahlen-Grenzwerte
– Hohe Bussen bei überschreitung
– Keine Strahlung bis in Innenräume
– Keine Erhöhung der Grenzwerte
– Einwilligung der Anwohner für neue Anlagen
– Keine Strahlung in Schulen, Spitälern, Heimen
– Handyfreie Sitzpläze im OV
– Beratungsstellen für Elektrosensible
– Mobilfunk-Betreiber haftbar für Schäden

5g Moratorium
– Mehr Mitsprache von Gemeinden

Pétitions en Suisse

  • Pétition Contre La 5G – Marvin Grimm – « Que ce soit pour des raisons de santé ou pour des raisons environnemental, la 5G est un danger. Le but de cette pétition est que les compagnies qui gèrent ‘aménagement du réseau téléphonique, internet et mobile n’installent pas le réseau 5G. « Plus de 230 scientifiques »…
  • Petition Stoppt 5G in der Schweiz
  • Pétition BEX
  • Pétition Nyon
  • Pétition Pour des écoles sans ondes Wi-Fi (Cantons de Genève et Vaud) – Véronique Depierre – « Le but de cette pétition est de s’opposer fermement aux ondes Wi-Fi dans les établissements scolaires (maternelle, primaire et secondaire). Oui à une école numérique qui applique le principe de précaution et propose à nos enfants une connexion filaire à Internet qui est plus stable, plus rapide, plus difficilement piratable et, surtout, sans dangers pour la santé »….
  • Schools and Organizations That Have Taken Action
Wifi à l’école – Le tour de la question

Pétitions internationales en français
  • The above 5G Space Appeal is currently being submitted to government’s around the world but still remains open for additional signatures. As of (6 nov 2019) it had collected Signatories from:
  • Scientists (4,503)
  • Engineers (8,036)
  • Medical Doctors (2,593)
  • Nurses (4,177)
  • Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Social Workers (9,663)
  • Doctors of Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Medical Qigong (2,777)
  • Doctors of Oriental Medicine (770)
  • Chiropractors (412)
  • Dentists (438)
  • Pharmacists (552)
  • Architects and Builders (3,137)
  • Building Biologists (271)
  • Veterinarians (344)
  • Beekeepers (657)
  • Other Professions (54,148)
  • Citizens (78,082)
  • Organizations (1,835

The Phone Gate Scandal

Astronomical ground-based observations can be greatly harmed by the ongoing deployment of large satellite fleets in preparation for the next generation of telecommunications……. In addition to safeguarding the astronomical sky, and preserving a World Heritage for humankind, the Appeal asks governments and institutions to put on hold further launches of satellites for commercial purposes…..

PetitionStop the 5G Rollout in Australia – « Most people think that 5G is just like 2G, 3G and 4G and that it will just mean we have faster internet. Unfortunately this could come at a great cost to public health and safety as 5G technology is very different to anything we’ve had in the past. We Say No To 5G In Australia « 

Tell Pampers, wireless “smart” baby diapers are not safe!

….Parents need to know about safety considerations from electromagnetic exposure when buying wireless tech devices. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends reducing exposure from wireless devices. « They’re not toys. They have radiation that is emitted from them and the more we can keep it off the body and use in other ways, it will be safer,” said Jennifer A. Lowry, M.D.

Placing wireless tech devices next to developing infants’ genitals is SO WRONG!…. …..There are decades of peer-reviewed studies demonstrating serious biological health effects including immune dysfunction, sleep and memory disturbances, and potential risk of reproductive harm.