Health Effects of Cellphone & Cell Tower Radiation: Implications for 5G
Center for Family and Community Health, UC Berkeley – Joel M. Moskowitz, PhD – 03Nov2021 Webinar

The Health Impacts of Wireless Radiation to Children: Cyprus Pediatric Symposium – Devra Davis PhD – 19Oct2021

Frank Clegg challenges a Roger’s president Dean Prevost to show evidence that the radiation emitted by wireless 5G is safe because many peer reviewed scientific studies show the contrary. – April 2021 – source Canadians For Safe Technology

Forschung im Spannungsfeld von Industrie, Politik und Rechtsprechung
Prof. Dr. med. Franz Adlkofer im Interview mit Klaus Scheidsteger – Kompetenzinitiative e.V. – 21apr2021

Dr. Paul Heroux, a world-renowned scientist, and Professor of Toxicology and Health Effects of Electromagnetism at McGill University in Canada, addresses the adverse impacts of wireless technology in Illinois and highlights the general issues associated with 5G wireless technology, including the risks to privacy, excessive energy consumption, high operating costs, high carbon footprint and health impacts. 16April2021 – Stop5G Together Illinois

Dr Magda Havas – Prepare for EMF Medical Conference 2021
28-31 Jan 2021 – The EMF Medical Conference 2021Speaker List

GreenStreetRadio – At Green Street, our mission is to provide you with science-based information and practical solutions you can use to protect yourself and your family from many common environmental exposures, and to protect and preserve our natural resources for the next generation. – Listen to the Wireless&EMF section

ElektrosmogReport 2/2020 erschienen Neue Studien zu oxidativem Zellstress, zu Wirkungen auf das Immunsystem, Hormonhaushalt, auf Pflanzen; Review zu Elektrohypersensibilität. 04June2020

Grand Conseil – Séance du jeudi 27fév2020
Intervention du député vert Jean Rossiaud pour le Projet de loi et la résolution : Un moratoire sur la 5G (et la 4G+) en Suisse – Résolution du Grand Conseil genevois à l’Assemblée fédérale exerçant le droit d’initiative cantonale. – Coordination genevoise Moratoire 5G

RTS – La Matinale 17.02.2020 L’invitée – Solange Ghernaouti-Hélie, professeure ordinaire et experte en cybersécurité – Swiss Cyber Security Advisory Group (SCARG)

RTS – Les beaux parleurs, 16.02.2020
L’invité – Olivier Bodenmann est ingénieur électricien EPFL et fondateur d’ElectrosmogTech.

Prof. Dr. med. L. Hardell – Hochfrequente Strahlung mit einem erhöhten Krebsrisiko in Zusammenhang 27Dec2019 in English

Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism – VPRO Documentary 20Dec2019 – « The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, » reveals how the biggest tech companies deal with our data. How do we regain control of our data? What is surveillance capitalism?

Dr. Martin L. Pall about 5G, EMF, ICNIRP – Dutch subtitles – 20Nov2019

Humanity at a Crossroads: New Insights Into Technology Risks for Humans and the Planet – Camilla Rees, MBA 03Dec2019 – view additional ElectromagneticHealth.Org’s Videos

Dr Ron Melnick – National Toxicology Programs Studies on Cell Phone Radiation Utility for Assessing Human Health Risks – Sept 2019

4th International Forum Of Protection From Electromagnetic Environmental Pollution. Precautionary Principle, Kraków, 23rd September, 2019.

Dr Anthony Miller Extract – Ontario Doctors Warn of Rising Health Care Costs after 5G Roll Out – June 2019
Full length Media Release – Ontario Doctors Warn of Rising Health Care Costs after 5G Roll Out – June 2019

5G: How a counter-movement took shape in Switzerland – Swissinfo ch spoke with Tamlin Schibler-Ulmann, founder of the Stop5G group. 09 June 2019 see also the Autres Opposition page

Dr Hardell – The Majority of Scientists Are Opposed to 5G – June 2019

Olle Johansson about 5G roll out (June 2019) Johansson Laboratory

5G Kongress-Prof. Klaus Buchner MdEP/Physiker-Gefahren der 5. Mobilfunkgen.-warum Politiker wegsehen June 2019

Les pétitions se multiplient et le Canton de Vaud a adopté un moratoire sur les antennes 5G, tout comme Genève et le Jura. A l’origine de la résolution adoptée par le Grand Conseil vaudois, le député écologiste Raphaël Mahaimqui développe ses motivations. – 25Apr2019.
Nyon Région Télévision – Le Débat

19 April 2019 – Zürcher Parlamentarier Thomas Hardegger. Als Nationalrat hat er bereits mehrere Vorstösse im Interesse unseres Vereins (SvS) getätigt. Zudem ist er Copräsident der PGNIS (Parlamentarische Gruppe nichtionisierende Strahlung, Umwelt und Gesundheit) und Redner an der kommenden 5G-Demo.

KenFM am Telefon Prof Franz Adlkofer zum Gesundheitsrisiko Mobilfunk – Apr2019

France – Sur les dangers de la 5G – (Apr 2019)
Jean-Paul Lecoq spoke at the National Assembly of France
Beyond threats to national security, 5G poses serious health and ecological problems. He reminded that it was not a good thing to become laboratory rats on which one tests radio frequencies. At a time of climate change, to blindly launch a gigantic additional network which will require replacing mobile phones, adding a multitude of new antennas, plus new connected objects basically goes against the liveable world we want.

Wireless Radiation in the School Environment – Dr. David Carpenter talks about wireless radiation, the state of the science regarding its health impacts, and why we should be cautious about using wireless devices in schools. April2019

Michel Matter : Pour la 5G, il y a des interrogations sur les risques de cancer du sytème nerveux. – (March 2019) (extrait de « Mise au Point » de la RTS)

Wissenschaftler im Interview: Schädliche Auswirkungen der Mobilfunkstrahlung werden verborgen – 12Jan2019 mit Professor Franz Adlkofer

The 5G mass Experiment – Investigate Europe – How much is safe ?

Dringende Warnung vor 5G (von Hans-U. Jakob, Präsident 31Aug2018
Der Verein betreibt ein eigenes Video-StudioNov 2020

Valeurs Limites RF Recommandées –

Cindy Sage, environmental consultant, talks about The BioInitiative Report: which she edited with a team of international scientists. They documented serious scientific concerns about current limits regulating how much EMF is allowable from power lines, cell phones, and many other sources of EMF exposure. The report concludes the existing standards for public safety are inadequate to protect public health.

Dr Nicholas Gonzalez – Health Risks from Electromagnetic Fields

Around the world an increasing number of authorities have banned or warned against the use of wifi in schools. Many experts, scientists and doctors are warning the public to take a precautionary approach. – wifiaustralia  (Please note, Swiss regulations are  » NOT  » 10x stronger…).

Peter Hensinger (diagnose-funk) berichtet am Symposium der Kompetenzinitiative im Okt. 2019 über die Gefahren von WLAN an den Schulen. Prof. Karl Hecht, ehemaliger Leiter des Pathologischen Institutes der Berliner Charite und Direktor des Institutes für Stressforschung, fordert ein gesetzliches Verbot der WLAN-Ausstattung an Schulen.

Téléphonie mobile le danger dissimulé for this video content in other languages

A critical view of the USA FCC approach to introducing 5G

L’Office fédéral de l’environnement a relevé les limites de la téléphonie 5G – (2018)
version (Français) , version  (German) (1 of 2)
Höhere Mobilfunkgrenzwerte in CH durch Trickserei im Bundesamt für Umwelt!,

La 5G, un danger pour la santé ? (Dec 2018)

Everything You Need to Know About 5G – (2017) – IEEE Spectrum

Why Fry the Planet

Wireless carriers concede they are not aware of any independent scientific studies on safety of 5G technologies

Dr. Martin Pall To The NIH: « The 5G Rollout Is Absolutely Insane. »
5G: Great risk for EU,US and International Health! Compelling evidence…..

Former Senior Toxicologist in National Toxicology Program (NTP) at National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences shares his insights as a member of the team which identified « CLEAR EVIDENCE » of link between cancer and cell phones. – dec2018

Dr. Sharon Goldberg, an internal medicine physician & professor gives her testimony regarding the dangers of electromagnetic radiation. She says: Wireless radiation has biological effects. Period. (Oct 2018)

Cell Phone Radiation, Cancer and Science: Dr. Lennart Hardell Testifies at Danish Parliament (April 2018) Additional info about this hearing see

Thomas Rau, MD of Paracelsus Clinic, Switzerland on Biological & Health Risks from Wireless Technologies – video on Vimeo (June 2017)

Martin Blank, PhD of Columbia University representing 190 international scientists in an Appeal to the UN, UN Member States and the WHO on the risks of electromagnetic fields emitted by telecommunications and utility technologies. Cautioning strongly, Dr. Blank says, “The time to deal with the harmful biological and health effects is long overdue. To protect our children, ourselves and our ecosystem, we must reduce exposure by establishing more protective guidelines.” – (2015)

Dr Erica Mallery Blythe, MD at the Commonwealth Club of CA, (2015)

Olle Johansson at the Open Mind Conference 2014 Copenhagen – « Health effects of electromagnetic fields » (2014) – Johansson Laboratory

Mobilfunk fördert chronische Entzündungen und Folgeerkrankungen – April 2014
Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Warnke, Biowissenschaftler der Universität des Saarlandes i. R.; biomedizinische, umweltmedizinische und biophysikalische Forschungen

An Invisible Threat: The Possible Link Between Microwave Technology and Health | ENDEVR Documentary – 2014


Mobilize: A Film About Cell Phone Radiation, an award-winning, feature-length documentary, explores the long-term health effects from cell phone radiation including cancer and infertility.

The film examines scientific research, follows state and national legislative efforts, and illuminates the influence that technology companies have on public health. The film was selected as the best documentary film at the California Independent Film Festival in 2014.

Dr Anthony Miller from the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health presents to Toronto Council that RF exposure should be classified as (WHO) 2A not 2B. (2013)

Cancer Evidence in Human from Cell Phone and Wireless Radiation by Anthony Miller MD
EHTrust videos on facebook

Die folgende Video der Verbraucherschutzorganisation diagnose:funk zeigt, warum die 5G-Mobilfunk-Technologie abgelehnt werden muss. Dipl. Ing. Jörn Gutbier, Vorsitzender von diagnose:funk, demonstriert dies anhand von Messungen zur Strahlenbelastung, der Arzt Dr. Wolf Bergmann warnt vor der massiven, nachgewiesenen Gesundheitsgefährdung, der Physiker Prof. Mario Babilon schildert, in welche Lage dadurch elektrohypersensible Menschen kommen und Peter Hensinger, Vorstandsmitglied diagnose:funk, erläutert, warum 5G und die Digitalisierung die Klimakatastrophe beschleunigen.

diagnose:funk Video gegen das Risiko 5G

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt Smart Meters and EMR – The Health Crisis Of Our Time

UN Staff Member : 5G is a War on Humanity , Claire Edwards has since co-wrtten the
International – 5G Space Appeal

Dr. Paul Heroux Testifies at Michigan’s
5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing (October 2018)
“I want to tackle the subject of insurance. You know that neither Lloyd’s of London, nor Swiss Re will underwrite liability policies for electromagnetic radiation because they think the health risk is too great. In other words, they believe that when the lawyers get involved, and I know many of them, the companies who deliver this radiation to the public could be wiped-out… The environment has to be cleaned-up of electromagnetic radiation progressively, not augmented in radiation. Electromagnetic radiation has repeatedly been linked with cancer in animals… »

Three science and medical professionals explain how the brain of a developing baby may be affected during pregnancy by exposure to wireless radiation emitted from cell phones and other wireless devices. This video is part of the BabySafe Project, online at

The University of Melbourne 30 Nov 2015 “The Truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation.” presented by Dr Devra Davis

Prof. Olle Johansson on WiFi « Irreversible sterility within five generations » (May2013) – Johansson Laboratory

Lower Property Values If you think this only happens in the US of A.  Think again…..

“Der Bundesrat ist sich bewusst, dass die Mobiltelefonie neben den unbestrittenen Vorteilen auch potenzielle Risiken für die Gesundheit des Menschen und für den Marktwert von Immobilien in der Nähe der Sendeantennen birgt.” Source

Scientists Warn of Health Effects: Washington DC Council 5G Small Cell Roundtable

Cece Doucette presentation to MA Board of Health Understanding EMFSWireless Education

Note: The video is featured here for educational purposes. We are not trying to sell a product offered by « Shield Your Body », the company which made this video.

Alerte PhoneGate – The Mobile Phone scandal that may effect millions of users

Austrian insurer AUVA finds effects of cell phones on DNA, EEG and human proteins – report 2009 – video 2016 – English summaryAUVA veröffentlicht den ATHEM-Report II – Untersuchung athermischer Wirkungen elektromag. Felder – 2016

« Mauvaises ondes » – Documentaire France 3

Être connecté peut nuire gravement à la santé

Wifi à l’école – Le tour de la question
Pétition Pour des écoles sans ondes Wi-Fi (Cantons de Genève et Vaud)

Resonance Beings of Frequency a documentary film

Smartphone Sucht – Wenn das Handy das Leben übernimmt

Jolie Jones Interview of Prof Olle Johansson and EHS/EMF effects

Prof. Dr. Klaus Buchner und Ulrich Weiner sprechen in einer Live Sendung im EU-Parlament zu den Gefahren von 5G. Die eingeladenen Mobilfunkbetreiber haben kurzfristig abgesagt. Als einzige Partei stellt sich im Moment die ÖDP (Ökologisch Demokratische Partei) (Deutschland) gegen den Aufbau von 5G. (2019)

War-Gaming für den Profit. Mobilfunkstrahlung, Krebsgefahr & Industrielobbyismus.. Sep 2019
– Lesen Sie weiter unter – diagnose:funk

Ondes science et Manigances (Microvawes science & lies)

The WHO cover-up that is costing us the Earth – Olga Sheean EMFOFF
French version La dissimulation de l’OMS qui nous coûtera la vie sur Terre

Take Back Your Power 2017 (Official) – smart meter documentary

Sf Puls Elektrosmog-Kongress 30.4.2011

Olle Johansson, PhD Announcing Seletun Scientific Statement – 2010 – In this 18 minute video, Dr. Johansson, from Sweden’s renowned Karolinska Institute, and Chair of the Seletun Scientific Panel, announces a consensus agreement among international scientists on the need to reduce EMF (electromagnetic field) exposures to the population. – Johansson Laboratory

Documentary (2010): Full Signal – The Hidden Cost of Cell Phones

WAKE UP CALL from electrosmog expert Olle Johansson – 17 Oct 2010 – Johansson Laboratory

Report Mainz – „Bei Anruf Hirntumor“ 2007 – EU-Umweltagentur fordert schärfere Grenzwerte für Mobilfunk

PUBLIC EXPOSURE: DNA, Democracy and the ‘Wireless Revolution’ (2000) Online since 2010