Headache in the Car ?

ES-Ireland – 16sep2022

Kopfschmerzen im Auto – Headache in the Car ?

This experiment demonstrates brain effects from Wifi, Bluetooth, smart devices and other electronic features in modern vehicles.

Tests were made “together with scientists from the University Mainz” (English Subtitles)

Source – ES-Ireland – Headache in the Car

Radiofrequencies in cars: A public health threat

According to Theodore P. Metsis, Ph.D., an electrical, mechanical, and environmental engineer from Athens, Greece, modern conventional gas- and diesel-powered automobiles incorporate many EMF-emitting devices.

“EMFs in a car in motion with brakes applied + ABS activation may well exceed 100 mG. Adding RF radiation from blue tooth, Wi Fi, the cell phones of the passengers, the 4G antennas laid out all along the major roads plus the radars of cars already equipped with, located behind, left or right of a vehicle, the total EMF and EMR fields will exceed any limits humans can tolerate over a long period of time.”


PDF of Dr. Metsis’ graphics (2 pages): http://bit.ly/RFcarsMetsis

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