The WHO Cover-up that is Costing Us the Earth

A video by Olga Sheean with an accompanying document, 5 June 2019
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The WHO cover-up that is costing us the Earth

Message from Robert James Parsons
Independent Journalist

The following message with its link to a brief (less-than-twenty-minute) film has come to me from a long-time friend, researcher and activist working on electromagnetic radiation.

This is a subject that I have been researching and tracking myself for going on six years, without, I am ashamed to say, yet publishing any of the in-depth articles that I have planned and partially written — something soon to change, I hope.

My work in this area has been built on my work in the area of ionizing (atomic) radiation, which started in 1996, when I began tracking Gulf War illness (which turned out to be radiation poisoning, although this has never been officially acknowledged by the Pentagon).

The film is a well deserved frontal attack on the World Health Organization, which I know well from over twenty years of dealing with it and reporting on matters of international public health. The main point made in the film is that the WHO’s “safety” norms for human exposure to electromagnetic radiation are bogus.

I can vouch for this personally, for I had many a wrangle with Dr Michael Repacholi at the WHO, who was hired to codify those norms. He was a fraud from start to finish.

Included in his hiring contract was the understanding that he would raise the money to pay for this immense project extending over several years. In the end, it was discovered that the money came from the Australian telecommunications industry, an outrageous conflict of interest, if ever there were one. When I questioned Dr Maria Neira, Repacholi’s supervisor, if the WHO intended to have the work done properly, she replied that there were no funds and, in a round-about way, said that the only entities interested in funding such a project were telecommunications companies… Thus, Repacholi’s “safety” norms stand and are cited by industry without hesitation to prove that their products are perfectly safe.

Upon the discovery of the source of Michael Repacholi’s funding, he was the object of an international petition for his removal, an unprecedented event for the United Nations system, and he was eased out the door. He now lives in Tuscany, where he cultivates a vineyard, when he is not speaking (for colossal fees) at international conferences sponsored by various elements of the telecommunications industry.

The crux of the matter is that Repacholi’s norm are “thermal”, to wit they claim that, as long as the radiation is not heating the skin, it is safe. However, the effect of any radiation, electromagnetic or ionizing (atomic), occurs at the level of the individual cell. Long ago, it was recognized that there is no safe level for either, for it is sufficient for a single cell to mutate and survive then divide and continue dividing, to create a cancer.

The matter of “electrosmog” or ambient electromagnetic radiation is of ever greater concern as the use of mobile devices spreads, with the enthusiastic support of the Geneva-based International Telecommunications Union (ITU — part of the United Nations system). Hundreds of millions of people are affected by it to varying degrees, mostly without understanding what is wrong with them. In France, where consideration of its harmful effects are much more studied than in most other countries, it is estimated that over ten percent of the population (some 6.5 million persons) are electro-sensitive, and the number is climbing.

France has a specialized public health agency that must test all cell phones before they are put on the market. The results of these tests, supposed to be public, were never released until Dr Marc Arazi took the French government to court to obtain them. It was thus revealed that, even under a regime of bogus thermal norms, ninety percent of some 450 models tested were not safe. Dr Arazi is still fighting the French government over this. The scandal has been dubbed “phonegate” by the French media.

The incidence of brain cancer is rising exponentially; however, glioma, the worst form, and one of the worst cancers known, is often not entered on the cancer registries, hence not taken into account for statistical purposes. Generally, cancers are entered only if a death can be irrefutably attributed to them. Thus, if a person dying of cancer contracts pneumonia and dies of it, for example, the case does not go on the cancer registry, for the patient is not considered to have died from it. In other words, for statistical purposes, the patient is treated the same as somebody whose cancer has been cured and is not counted, for the criterion is mortality not mobidity.

The WHO’s specialized agency on cancer, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has listed electromagnetic radiation as a “possible cause” of cancer. In its ultra-cautious terminology, this means that such radiation causes cancer but that there are still some hold-outs in the scientific community unwilling to admit this. These hold-outs are the scientists who have been paid by industry to produce bogus science. At the time of this designation, there was pressure both to have electromagnetic radiation listed as a carcinogen and to not have it listed at all. The current designation was thus something of a compromise, although the pressure is building, greatly, to change the designation to “carcinogen”. So far, the telecommunications industry, backed by the military, has spent billions on bogus scientific “studies”, all of which have at least some element of truth to them, mostly made possible by the long gestation period for most cancers, which makes establishing a cause-and-effect relationship difficult.

Regarding the new, fifth generation, of wireless technology (G5), much discussed in the film, it is worth noting that on 27 March 2018, the Swiss Senate refused legislationauthorizing the increase in cell-phone antenna output necessary for the implementation of this technology in Switzerland. What was almost not reported anywhere in Switzerland, much less outside the country, is that the negative vote was the result of a major lobbying campaign by the Swiss Medical Association (FMH in French), all based on considerations of human and animal health.

I urge you to watch the film. It is intended for the general public, and, while it may sound extreme to those unfamiliar with the subject, I can assure you, personally, that it is not.

Robert James Parsons
Independent Journalist

Message from Olga Sheean

Dear Robert James:

After three months of working on this, we are finally ready to launch the video on WHO’s cover-up of the truth about wireless radiation, together with a 28-page document that provides additional information about 5G and other wireless technologies, as well as resources and references.

You can watch it on my EMF off! website , where you can also instantly download the document and share the link with others.

When someone is really good at something, they make it look easy, don’t they? But after watching Lewis create this 20-minute video, I realize just how much skill, time, energy and patience is required to produce it. With multiple layers of sound, transitions, music, wording and visuals, the video-editing page looked like a city skyline, filled with numerous high-rise blocks.

So, my heartfelt thanks to Lewis Evans for his fabulous work on this—which we share with you now, from our hearts to yours, in the hope that it will help protect everyone’s health and everyone’s planet.

If you like the video and document, please share them with your contacts. Let’s inspire people to wake up to the truth, to hold decision-makers accountable for their negligence, and to make ‘smarter-than-smart’ choices in our own lives.

Those at the top are few and we are many, so our collective choices make a huge impact. If we even simply trade our smart phones for basic flip phones (for calls/texts only), the whole 5G infrastructure will collapse.

Before technology took over, the Earth already had things masterfully orchestrated so we could live healthy, fulfilling lives, while benefitting from the delicate balance of its life-giving electromagnetic frequencies, beauty and precious natural resources.

Let’s bring ourselves and our planet back to life.

Thanks for all that you do to help make that happen.


Source – The WHO cover-up that is costing us the Earth

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