Phonegate Canada: Court authorizes class action against Apple and Samsung

Equipe Phonegate - 27 Sep 2022 In a judgment rendered on September 22, 2022, the seven plaintiffs, Tracey Ariel, Claire O’Brien, Erika Patton, Zoe Patton, Alex Tasciyan, Mathew Nucciarone and Vito Decicco, have been given a win by Judge Christian Immer. They will therefore be allowed to launch a class action against the manufacturers of … Continuer la lecture de Phonegate Canada: Court authorizes class action against Apple and Samsung

USA: Link5G ‘Jumbo’ Pole Walking Tour

New Yorkers 4 Wired Tech - 23sep2022 Join Us Saturday, September 24Global 5G Day on the Lower East Side Dear Friends of Safe Technology, These Jumbo Link5G poles have started to make their way across our neighborhoods. They were first only approved for commercial and manufacturing zones, and yet it did not take very long … Continuer la lecture de USA: Link5G ‘Jumbo’ Pole Walking Tour

Headache in the Car ?

ES-Ireland - 16sep2022 Kopfschmerzen im Auto – Headache in the Car ? This experiment demonstrates brain effects from Wifi, Bluetooth, smart devices and other electronic features in modern vehicles. Tests were made "together with scientists from the University Mainz" (English Subtitles) Source - ES-Ireland - Headache in the Car Note the video above appears … Continuer la lecture de Headache in the Car ?

Lancement de la initiative Saferphone

Saferphone - Communiqué de presse pour le lancement de la initiative Saferphone -12sep2022 Pour une meilleure protection contre le rayonnement de la téléphonie mobile et un ré-seau durable L'initiative SaferPhone vise à renforcer le principe de précaution, à atteindre une exposition aux ondes aussi faible que possible et à promouvoir un réseau de fibre optique … Continuer la lecture de Lancement de la initiative Saferphone

5G in Switzerland

5G in SwitzerlandTowards Better Health, 8 September 2022 Since the allocation of 5G licenses to the three operators in Switzerland in February 2019, the deployment of this technology has encountered strong resistance from the population. Many new independent associations have been created to counter its development and have launched thousands of opposition procedures against new … Continuer la lecture de 5G in Switzerland

5G: Wasserfallen erneut ins Wasser gefallen

Nationalrat Christian Wasserfallen ist mit seiner Motion 20.3237 «Mobilfunknetz; Die Rahmenbedingungen für einen raschen Aufbau jetzt schaffen» in der vorberatenden Kommission Verkehr und Ferenmeldewesen des Ständerates (KVF-S) erneut durchgefallen. Symbolbild: Einer von den grössten Wasserfällen, der R(h)einfall. Von Hans-U. Jakob (, 6.Sept.2022 Nationalrat Christian Wasserfallen, der noch vor Wochenfrist in der Affäre um die erfolgreiche … Continuer la lecture de 5G: Wasserfallen erneut ins Wasser gefallen

Insurance Industry: 5G is an Emerging High Risk Situation Along with Climate Change

Physicians for Safe Technology - Cindy Russell, M.D - 26aug2022 Insurance companies typically do not insure harm from radiofrequency radiation (RFR), it is an exclusion in almost all insurance policies. Special pollution insurance is required to cover this. The insurance industry keeps track of relevant emerging risk topics to make sound business decisions to reduce … Continuer la lecture de Insurance Industry: 5G is an Emerging High Risk Situation Along with Climate Change