How would you like it if we put a wireless antenna in your pants?

Chances are you wouldn’t like it either, especially if you knew that exposure to wireless radiation is linked to reproductive harm, neurological problems and even cancer.

So it’s very concerning that Pampers is about to launch its line of “smart” diapers that are equipped with a wireless-enabled sensor to track when a diaper needs changing.

This Tuesday, we are asking you to contact Pampers and demand that “smart” diapers never make it to market, because wireless radiation is not safe for our kids.

Here are three simple actions you can take to express your opposition to “smart” diapers today!

  1. Call the Pampers’ customer relations line at 1-800-726-7377 (USA)
  2. Submit a complaint via email here (USA)
  3. Sign the petition to Pampers here

Subject: Keep « smart » diapers off the market!

Dear Proctor and Gamble (Pampers),

I am calling/writing to express my deep concern about Pampers’ Lumi “smart” diapers.

All wireless devices emit radio-frequency (RF) microwave radiation, and a robust body of science proves that there is a link between exposure to this type of radiation and serious health problems. The danger is elevated for children.

We urge you to consider the science before you put young lives – and your company – at risk.

Thank you for your consideration and concern.


Please spread this important message far and wide, folks! Our kids deserve action on this issue.

Thanks for all you do, – The 5G Crisis Team

5G Crisis is a project of Americans for Responsible Technology, an association of organizations and individuals across America who are committed to promoting new technologies that advance our common interests while protecting the health, safety, security, privacy and property values of all Americans.

Source = 5G Crises em 10 Sep 2019

(p/s for local actions check contact details e.g P&G in Switzerland)

Procter & Gamble Services (Switzerland) SA
Route de Saint-Georges 47, 1213 Petit-Lancy
Tel (+41) 022 709 61 11

Procter & Gamble International
Route de Saint-Georges 47, 1213 Petit-Lancy
Tel (+41) 079 230 52 25


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