Italy: 125 Cities in Italy Oppose 5G – 30 Jan 2020

Alleanza Italiana Stop 5G has published on its website a list of 125 municipalities in Italy that have passed resolutions or ordinances opposing 5G:

Italian astrophysicist Stefano Gallozzi is organizing a protest by Italy’s scientific community against SpaceX’s Starlink satellites because they will interfere with astronomers’ observations of the stars, and will especially interfere with radio astronomy telescopes.

Gallozzi is also the co-administrator of Stop 5G Italia, which has more than 10,000 members and helped organize events in Italian cities.

Below an auto translation from the dutch website StopUMTS

A promising message today: more than a hundred Italian municipalities have taken action against the introduction of 5G.

Among them a few large ones, such as Turin, Bologna, Florence and Catania and a district of Rome (Municipio Xll) with 165,000 inhabitants.

The actions taken by these Italian municipalities differ. Some call for a moratorium, others declare themselves against it anyway and others emphasize the precautionary principle: first prove that it is safe.

Opposite these 103 municipalities there are only 13 who have given the telcos permission for experiments with 5G.

Mayors prohibit 5G

In 20 municipalities, the mayor – the highest local health authority in Italy – has issued a ban on the introduction of 5G.

The opposing municipalities have united in the Alleanza Italiana Stop 5G. In just eight months, a hundred municipalities joined this alliance.

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Source – – Italy: 125 Cities in Italy Oppose 5G

Map from – Alleanza Italiana Stop