Take Action Tuesday

Take Action Tuesday - Americans for Responsible Technology

Take Action Tuesday – Americans for Responsible Technology – 26apr2022

We need your help to protect America’s school children!

Every day, tens of millions of kids are being exposed to a dense fog of RF radiation in their classrooms from laptops, tablets, phones, routers and other wireless devices. It’s like being inside a microwave oven on very low power.

ART microwave oven

Recent peer-reviewed studies document neurological, reproductive and behavioral impacts at exposure levels far below the long-outdated and completely inadequate FCC guidelines. Children are particularly vulnerable.

School administrators have a legal obligation to protect the children in their schools. They have a “Duty of Care” to be aware of any hazard, and to take steps to mitigate that hazard.

The good news: There are simple steps any school can take to significantly reduce RF exposure, and we can help. But first, we need to reach those administrators. That’s where you come in.

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Here’s how you can help:

Visit our Parent Advocate page at TechSafeSchools.org, give us the name and location of your school, and let us do the rest. See how easy it is to be an advocate for the children in your local school!

Please share this message widely with other parents you know via email and social media. And thank you for your ongoing support for our efforts to protect children in schools from involuntary exposure to wireless radiation.

Doug Wood
And the rest of the ART team!

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