USA: Link5G ‘Jumbo’ Pole Walking Tour

New Yorkers 4 Wired Tech – 23sep2022

Join Us Saturday, September 24
Global 5G Day on the Lower East Side

Dear Friends of Safe Technology,

These Jumbo Link5G poles have started to make their way across our neighborhoods. They were first only approved for commercial and manufacturing zones, and yet it did not take very long for them to appear in residential areas. The initial selling points would be that they would be targeting the under-served, so as to provide more equitable access to the internet and emergency and long distance calling. This is after the city uprooted all the old wire based public pay phones and neglected to ensure the build out of fiber optic wires, that were supposed to go to every premises by 2014.

The only restriction for these jumbo poles is that there be only one allowed per city block! That means these could conceivably be on every corner, wherever old pay phones used to sit, or been replaced by LinkNY kiosks. According to DoITT’s Link5G design proposal, it is only if they are not placed at one of these pre-existing sites that DoITT would consult with the relevant Community Board, Council Member, Borough President, and BID and offer a 60-day comment period before it is built. If you live near or above an old pay phone or LinkNYC kiosk, it is possible you will have a jumbo pole appear without warning outside your door.

These 32’ high eye sore poles will have antennas from multiple tenants, for multiple technologies, Wi-Fi, millimeter wave 5G, sub-6 GHz 5G and 4G LTE. The millimeter range frequencies are higher than most of our consumer meters can measure. But measurements so far have been high, and we can be sure we will be exposed to a greater variety and density of wireless radiation.

So please join us for a Jumbo Pole walking tour this Saturday, September 24 on the lower east side, where we have uncovered 3 within a 10 block distance.

We will act in concert with “Global 5G Day,” and those in Europe who are aiming to get 1 million signatures to take to the UN and European Parliament to roll back this technology.

This is our current schedule: contune reading

Source – New Yorkers 4 Wired TechLink5G ‘Jumbo’ Pole Walking Tour

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