16 June 2023 : World EHS Day

by Cœurs d’EHS.

World Day of Intolerance to Electromagnetic Pollution 16june2023.

The 6th annual EHS Day is officially underway! Find in this article ideas, tips and posters to participate.

World EHS Day 16june2023

Traduction française de cet article.

Hello to all of you,

On June 16th, the 6th edition of the World Day of Intolerance to Electromagnetic Pollution will take place, so renamed in order to clearly understand that electro-hypersensitive people (EHS) have become so because of an ultra-polluted environment.

It is indeed important to underline that the problem comes from environmental pollution and not from a disease from which EHS suffer. When EHS sufferers spend enough time in an unpolluted environment, their health recovers by itself.

To cure EHS, you don’t need medication, but a healthy environment! EHS sufferers are sentinels of human health and alerters. Listening to them is also saving oneself from the danger of this gigantic pollution that is totally ignored.

Electromagnetic pollution is not only toxic for EHS, it also weakens the immune defenses of the whole population and is a major co-factor in the triggering of various pathologies depending on the fragility of each individual.

This is why the reduction of electrosmog should be a priority public health objective… which will not be the case as long as the telecom lobbies are able to make profits by irradiating the entire planet at the expense of our health and biodiversity.

The objective of the World EHS Day is not only to highlight the moral and physical suffering of the millions of EHS people already impacted by electromagnetic pollution but also to warn the rest of the population about a danger they are unaware of.

To do this, I call on all associations, collectives, groups and professionals concerned in France and abroad to join us with the means at their disposal and in the way they wish (see below).

The organization of events such as the 2nd European EHS Gathering is great but I insist on the fact that it is also very important to take advantage of this Day to reach out to those who are not aware of this intolerance nor to those who suffer from it.

I therefore suggest that, depending on your situation and your possibilities, you do the following:

  • Show your support for EHS
  • Make the invisible EHS visible
  • Inform about electro-hypersensitivity
  • Inform about the health risks generated by electrosmog
  • Inform about prevention and health protection solutions

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Source – Coeursdehs.fr – 16-June-2023 World EHS Day