Electromagnetic Radiation, Wildlife and Environment

Environmental Health Trust - 14april2023. The health effects of wireless radiation extend beyond human health. FCC’s limits were only designed for humans, not animals. Despite numerous studies showing harmful effects from wireless and non-ionizing radiation, the current reality is that insects, birds and airborne species like bats that live in close proximity to cell tower … Continue reading Electromagnetic Radiation, Wildlife and Environment

WHO RF Review Shrouded in Secrecy Task Group Members Told To Say Nothing

by Louis Slesin, PhDEditor, Microwave News - 20apr2023 The World Health Organization’s EMF Project continues to work on updating its review of RF health effects. The effort, which has been ongoing for more than a decade, is being tightly controlled by the WHO staff. Public disclosures are very limited, and at times misleading. We do … Continue reading WHO RF Review Shrouded in Secrecy Task Group Members Told To Say Nothing

How Safe Really is 5G?

The Daily Sceptic by Gillian Jamieson - 01feb2023 . Few of the general public I speak to have any awareness of the possible health harms of radio-frequency radiation such as 5G or Wi-Fi. Could this be because Government and mainstream media have colluded to ignore these risks? In fact, the Court of Appeal has recently … Continue reading How Safe Really is 5G?

7th 5G Appeal – The EU’s Illegal Precedence of Economy over Health

by Es-Ireland - 23jan2023 The 7th Appeal to the EU, signed by more than 400 scientists and doctors, asking that the exposure limits guidelines set by ICNIRP be reduced dramatically to protect the health of all living things and a moratorium on 5G be established. . EXCERPT: To the EU Legislative bodies 12 January 2023 … Continue reading 7th 5G Appeal – The EU’s Illegal Precedence of Economy over Health

Letter to the COP 27

Cellular Phone Task Force - 03nov2022 Issue: UnsolicitedDeadline: OpenTitle: Voluntary submissions to the COP 27 / CMP 17 / CMA 4Session Name: COP 27Mandate: N/A LETTER TO THE COP 27 A blind spot must be filled Outside of an atomic nucleus, there are only two fundamental forces in nature: gravity and electricity. The electromagnetic force … Continue reading Letter to the COP 27

Nordic organisations: Stop further deployment of 5G

Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation - 11nov2022 Auto Translation In a joint position paper, organisations working in the field of health risks from radiation from wireless technologies request that the regulatory framework for microwave radiation from wireless technologies be tightened and that further deployment of 5G be halted. In the past year, the first two studies … Continue reading Nordic organisations: Stop further deployment of 5G

5G in New York City

Environmental Health Trust - 11nov2022 5G in New York City is making headlines news. People are shocked at how ugly the monster poles are and they are also concerned about the long term safety of the radiation. Here is a list of the latest rews reports from New York City about these 5G poles. TV … Continue reading 5G in New York City