Suisse: Les Risques Liés à la 5G Font Débat

Meris Michaels

A la demande de plusieurs citoyens suisses, l’expert en radiofréquences, le Dr Lennart Hardell a adressé une lettre à la Présidente de la Confédération, cosignée par vingt-deux experts de renommée internationale contestant les conclusions biaisées de l’évaluation des risques sanitaires de la téléphonie mobile en Suisse

Source = Suisse : Les risques liés à la 5G font débat

Switzerland: The Risks of 5G are Under Debate

The risks of 5G are under debate
by Meris Michaels, Letter to the Editor, Tribune de Genève, 14 January 2020 – translation

While the number of “5G” antennas is exploding in Geneva and elsewhere in Switzerland, the authorities continue to claim that “no health effect has been consistently proven”.

At the request of several Swiss citizens, on 7 January, radio frequency expert Dr. Lennart Hardell sent a letter to the President of the Confederation, co-signed by twenty-two internationally renowned experts, challenging the biased conclusions of the health risk assessment of mobile telephony in Switzerland.

These experts, without any conflict of interest, believe that the report “Mobile telephony and radiation” of the working group mandated by the Confederation contains an assessment that is “scientifically inaccurate and is in opposition to the opinion of the majority of scientists in this field”. They fear that the reports led by a certain Swiss expert may be influenced by his links with the wireless industry.

It is time for the authorities to stop hiding the risks associated with wireless technology and support the recommendations in the letter: declare a moratorium on 5G until independent research by scientists with no links to the industry confirms its safety. These experts also recommend an awareness campaign to educate the public about the health risks of exposure to radio frequency radiation and the safe use of the technology (e.g., deployment of wired Internet in schools).

Source = Switzerland: The Risks of 5G are Under Debate