Swiss Protest day Against 5G (25jan2020) review

In addition to the ever increasing number of individual antenne construction oppositions around the country numerous Stop 5G protests were held across Switzerland on the 25Jan2020 listing demos in Basel – Bern – Biel – Brienz – Brig – Brugg – Chur – Delement – Frauenfeld – Geneva – Luzern – Thun – Schaffhausen – St.Gallen – Uster – Zurich…
Stop 5G Protest in Zurich
Stop 5G demo in front of the United Nations – Geneva

Some news reports covering the Swiss wide “Stop5G” demos held 25Jan2020

The above Stop 5G protests across Switzerland were in line with the global protest day called for by

Further “news coverage” listing of the global Stop 5G protests can be viewed at – First 5G Global Protest: News Coverage

All in all the 5G Global Protest Day was a Resounding Success. with 270 Stop 5G Events in 38 countries. The next Global event is being planned for the 25 April 2020.