Slovenia: Stopped the introduction of 5G technology

BUKA PORTAL / 05. March 2020 – Translation via Google

Translation via Google

The Government of Slovenia has stopped the introduction of 5G technology, as per media reports in the region.

According to them, the government removed the strategy of the regulatory agency AKOS on the distribution of the frequency spectrum for 5G from the agenda, at the proposal of the Minister of Administration, Rudi Medved.

He told Slovenian media that « questions about the harmfulness of 5G technology are legitimate ».

Slovenia is the first country in the world to protect water as a human right and a public good through the Constitution, thus ensuring that its sources of drinking water, as perhaps the most important strategic resource in the future, remain a national good.

By postponing the discussion on the approval of the frequency spectrum for 5G until the effects of that technology on people and the environment are investigated, a further step has been taken in the protection of health and nature conservation, the media reported.

Source – Slovenija zaustavila uvodenje 5g tehnologije