WHO RF Review Shrouded in Secrecy Task Group Members Told To Say Nothing

by Louis Slesin, PhD
Editor, Microwave News – 20apr2023

The World Health Organization’s EMF Project continues to work on updating its review of RF health effects. The effort, which has been ongoing for more than a decade, is being tightly controlled by the WHO staff. Public disclosures are very limited, and at times misleading.

We do know that a new Task Group met in Geneva in March to begin drafting a revision of the WHO’s 1993 RF Environmental Health Criteria document. Specifics are scarce and that’s unlikely to change. WHO has instructed members of the Task Group not to communicate with outsiders, including (especially?) the press.

Microwave News has learned a few details. Read about them in our latest update.

Source – Microwave News – Will WHO Kick Its ICNIRP Habit ?latest update 20apr2023

Microwave News also stated 08apr2023 – RF Working Group Held 1st Meeting in March — No Public Notice

The WHO held the first meeting of its RF Working Group on March 14-16 in Geneva. It was a hush hush affair.

Emilie van Deventer, who is leading the RF project, made no public announcement and as of this writing, nothing about it appears on the WHO website, except for this:

WHO - RF Task Group Meeting march-2023

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