Massachusetts Sheffield and Great Barrington residents approve hold on 5G applications

by ZERO5G – 01may2023,

In Berkshire County, Massachusetts (USA), voters of Sheffield and Great Barrington approved citizen’s petitions that will require a hold on applications for 5G installations until FCC updates regulations.

Citing scientific evidence of harm to health and the environment from wireless radiation, the petition states that no 5G applications may move forward “until the FCC completes the DC Circuit Court-mandated Environmental Review of the entire 800,000 to 1 million WTF roll out to the conditions as stated in the NEPA policy Act 1691 1 including studies from scientists independent from industry, who have fully investigated millimeter wave 5G small cell technology safety; and that the FCC regulations have been updated to include measures that comply with the results of this review; and, that the Town of Great Barrington shall consider reasonable alternatives such as fiber optic.

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People everywhere can applaud this effort by communities in Massachusetts to protect the environment and public health from harm from wireless radiation. Neighbors in communities everywhere can take a similar approach to strengthen their own local regulations.

47 U.S.C. § 332(c)(7)(A) – The United States Congress preserved general authority to local governments to regulate wireless facilities: “Nothing in this chapter shall limit or affect the authority of a State or local government or instrumentality thereof over decisions regarding the placement, construction, and modification of personal wireless service facilities”.

Link To Sheffield Citizen’s Petition ARTICLE 32 HERE

Zero5G com - Massachusetts: Sheffield residents approve hold on 5G applications

Link To Great Barrington Citizen’s Petition Article 38 HERE

Zero5G com - Massachusetts: Great Barrington residents approve hold on 5G applications

Source – Zero5G com – Massachusetts: Sheffield and Great Barrington residents approve hold on 5G applications