USA: Science and Public Health Organizations Demand the FDA Comply with the Law on Wireless Radiation

Americans for Responsible Technology – 24may2023.

ART and other non-profits and individuals file legal petition with FDA claiming the agency is flagrantly violating its own 1968 statute regarding radiation from wireless devices

USA: Science and Public Health Organizations Demand the FDA Comply with the Law on Wireless Radiation

(New York) A group of non-profit science and public health advocacy groups today filed a formal Citizens Petition with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), demanding that the agency comply with its own federal law (USC 360 ii “Program of Control”) which requires the agency to take certain specific actions to protect the public from unnecessary exposure to radiation from electronic products. The groups claim that the agency’s failure to obey the law and carry out the stipulated activities violates its Congressional mandate and has increased the risk to all Americans.

“This isn’t complicated,” says Doug Wood, founder and National Director of lead petitioner non-profit Americans for Responsible Technology. “The FDA has a clear and unambiguous legal obligation to carry out certain activities designed to reduce the public’s exposure to radiation from all kinds of electronic products, including cell phones, routers, laptops, tablets, and wireless utility meters. FDA is ignoring the law as if it doesn’t exist.”

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The law requires the FDA to evaluate how the public is exposed to radiation. Petitioners cite school classrooms where children are exposed all day long, or homes and apartments where wireless utility meters can emit high bursts of radiation as examples of exposures that should be evaluated by FDA. Under the law, the agency is required to develop and promulgate techniques for reducing these exposures, but the petitioners claim no such techniques have been developed or promoted to the public.

The theory that non-thermal levels of radiofrequency radiation are harmless, which has been the basis for federal exposure standards for more than 25 years, has now been proven false by thousands of published, peer-reviewed studies, including the FDA’s own 2016 study, which showed “clear evidence” of increased cancer risk as well as DNA damage from cell phone radiation.

A growing number of Americans are reporting physical symptoms from exposure which disappear when the source of radiation is removed. These include headaches, dizziness, nausea, insomnia, tinnitus, lethargy and depression. The FDA has not acknowledged any risk or established any reporting mechanism for adverse exposure to RF radiation.

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Other petitioners include Grassroots Environmental Education, Consumers for Safe Cell Phones, California Brain Tumor Association, Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Communications, and a group of individuals who have suffered various kinds of negative financial, health, and emotional impacts because of the failure of the FDA to carry out its legal obligations.

“This is not an opinion or a disagreement over science,” says attorney and twice Harvard Law School Visiting Mitsubishi Professor Julian Gresser who helped develop the Petition. “This is black letter law. Congress has recognized the serious risks to public health of non-ionizing radiation since 1968. FDA has a clear and unequivocal mandate from Congress, and for more than fifty years the agency has simply pretended that the law doesn’t exist. This violates the fundamental purpose of the nation’s premiere public health agency. It is a deep civil and human rights issue.”

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Americans for Responsible Technology

Source – Americans for Responsible Technology – News Letter 24may2023 – It’s not complicated. The FDA is violating its own law.