Letter to the COP 27

Cellular Phone Task Force - 03nov2022 Issue: UnsolicitedDeadline: OpenTitle: Voluntary submissions to the COP 27 / CMP 17 / CMA 4Session Name: COP 27Mandate: N/A LETTER TO THE COP 27 A blind spot must be filled Outside of an atomic nucleus, there are only two fundamental forces in nature: gravity and electricity. The electromagnetic force … Continue reading Letter to the COP 27

Cell Towers On The Ocean Floor

Cell Towers On The Ocean Floor One blue sky above us,One ocean lapping all our shores,One earth so green and round,Who could ask for more? - Pete Seeger - by Cellular Phone Task Force org - Arthur Firstenberg - 12jan2022 In 2018, on land and in space, preparations to deploy millions of antennas were very … Continue reading Cell Towers On The Ocean Floor

441,449 LOW EARTH ORBIT SATELLITES Operating, Approved and Proposed

441,449 LOW EARTH ORBIT SATELLITES Operating, Approved and Proposed by Cellular Phone Task Force - Arthur Firstenberg - 05jan2022 While the attention of a terrified world has been riveted on a virus, and while concern about radiation has been focused on 5G on the ground, the assault on the heavens has reached astronomical proportions. During … Continue reading 441,449 LOW EARTH ORBIT SATELLITES Operating, Approved and Proposed


Arthur Firstenberg - March 27, 2021 On Wednesday, March 24, 2021, both the number of satellites in low orbit around the earth, and the volume of data they transmit, increased significantly. On Wednesday morning (4:28 a.m. EDT, 8:28 UTC), SpaceX launched another 60 satellites. On Wednesday evening (10:47 p.m. EDT, 14:47 UTC), OneWeb launched another … Continue reading UPDATE ON SATELLITES

The Current Situation in Space

(Extracts below from Arthur Firstenberg’s newsletter) THE CURRENT SITUATION IN SPACE Arthur Firstenberg - August 11, 2020 SpaceX The launch of 57 more satellites by SpaceX in the early morning of Friday, August 7, at 1:12 AM EDT, has brought the number of SpaceX’s “Starlink” satellites orbiting in the Earth’s ionosphere up to 595. Although … Continue reading The Current Situation in Space

Mortalité du COVID-19 et 5G aux USA – Corrélation démontrée

ARRA alerte.ch Agir La Dresse Magda Havas, chercheuse de renommée internationale au sujet des effets des rayonnements électromagnétiques sur le Vivant, suite à ses investigations visant à trouver une potentielle corrélation entre Covid-19 et technologie 5G à l'échelle planétaire, a poursuivi ses recherches en se focalisant sur les États-Unis d'Amérique. Elle a publié les résultats … Continue reading Mortalité du COVID-19 et 5G aux USA – Corrélation démontrée

The Invisible Rainbow

The Book - The Invisible Rainbow - (re)Pub. Date: 09Mar2020A History of Electricity and Lifeby Arthur Firstenberg Cell towers, Wi-fi, 5G: Electricity has shaped the modern world. But how has it affected our health and environment? Over the last 220 years, society has evolved a universal belief that electricity is ‘safe’ for humanity and the … Continue reading The Invisible Rainbow